9 gennaio 2007

The A&K Global Foundation, the charitable division of Abercrombie & Kent, is dedicated to conservation and community work in and around the company’s destinations. One example is that of the Gijedabung Primary School in Mamire, Tanzania, near the company’s Swala Camp. The aim is to provide long-term project support to ensure that the needs and co-existence of human populations are reconciled with the habitats, flora and fauna that comprise some of the world’s most valuable ecosystems.

Originally, the Abercrombie & Kent Global Foundation sponsored the construction of a new classroom for the students. The following year it was a block of toilet facilities with a 2000 litre water storage facility for clean drinking water. Building materials are purchased from the local community and local tradesmen are employed to carry out the building. A cook, provided by the camp, ensures that the students eat a nutritious meal each day, which has dramatically reduced absenteeism.

As this area is on the boundary of one of Tanzania’s most threatened national parks, conservation is a major focus for the students. A tree nursery is being established at the school so the children can help replant areas denuded by livestock overgrazing and tree cutting for charcoal.
Guests at Swala Camp are invited to visit the school and watch the children at work or play. Many find it one of the most rewarding experiences of their holiday. This collaboration between the local community and Swala Camp provides an intimate, interactive introduction to the local culture for guests, and a new understanding of the important role low-impact, sustainable tourism can play in ensuring the preservation of endangered habitats as well as providing education and opportunities for local communities.

For more information on the work of the Abercrombie & Kent Global Foundation, visit http://www.akglobalfoundation.org


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